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  • Rebranding Success Stories

    In our previous blog we looked at how not to rebrand – and mentioned one of the biggest and most successful rebrandings in commercial history, that of fast food franchise, McDonalds.   But it’s not read more

  • How Not to Rebrand

    Have you ever decided to switch out your entire wardrobe of baggy knitted jumpers and replace them with smooth shirts and silk ties? Then congratulations, you’ve successfully rebranded yourself from schmo to slicker. But that’s read more

  • Coca-Cola-Truck

    Sound in Advertising

    Creating a television commercial that actually catches the viewer’s attention can be difficult; we’re all used to changing channels when the ads come on, simply not paying attention or, increasingly, skipping through them on catch-up read more

  • GGGG

    Digital Music in Your Hand

    Music has changed a lot over the years, and in the ‘digital age’ there are more ways to make music than ever before. With the popularity of smartphones so well-documented, the mobile audience wields a read more