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  • The Best Music Moments in Film (Part One)

    Sometimes, a song or piece of music can fit a movie so well that it can often be hard to picture the scene without it. Similarly, when you hear that song; whether at home, or read more

  • What type of microphone do you need?

    People, especially musicians, tend to not give microphones a second thought when they are using them, but microphones are very complex pieces of equipment and there are many different variations. The two most common microphones read more

  • How will audio branding help your business?

    In these modern times consumers are bombarded with more marketing messages each day than ever before. Consumers are becoming bored of being marketed to and so it is more important than ever that you are read more

  • Letter to Nirvana

    Music Producer Steve Albini’s Letter To Nirvana

    In 1993 Nirvana released and recorded their third and final album (“In Utero“) with legendary music producer Steve Albini.  A year earlier, before they had formally agreed to work together, Albini wrote a fascinating pitch read more